A British philosopher Bertrand Russell said, “In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted.”

In terms of being happy in relationship, you have to make sure you make your partner feel appreciated. Taking your life partner for granted (at blive taget for givet) is often the first step in the long, uncomfortable way to relationship collapse.

Sometimes it is madness to fall in love with someone, and in return get treated like crap.  In different dictionaries the meaning of being taken for granted are define “to fail to appreciate the value” and “to treat the partner in a careless manner.”

An American writer Thomas Merton writes, “We cannot be happy if we expect to live all the time at the top of intensity. Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of stability and order and rhythm and harmony”.

If you have a constant feeling of being taken for granted (at blive taget for givet), but you’re not sure, it is really true or not. You may check out following signs.

  1. Your Partner Never Says Thank You

If you are with your partner at every moment, you cook his meal, you wash his clothes and you do all efforts for your partner. In return your partner never says a single praising word “thank you”.  And even not appreciate your efforts. It means that your partner is already expecting all efforts from you and this all special stuff from you is considered normal for him. Your partner may don’t realize until you stop doing special for him. This is good example of being taken for granted (at blive taget for givet).

  1. Your Partner Never Asks Your Advice

If your partner never asks your advice in routine life that means he may not interested to take your advice. You must ask him to consider you in every decision making process.

  1. Your Partner Never Asks Your Opinion

If your partner never asks your opinion on any issue, it could be that he or she doesn’t value your opinion. It could be complicated if your partner continue this behavior. You should make him/her realize that you are important and your voice too.

  1. Your Partner Makes Plans Without Asking You

You always expect that your partner will make any future by asking you. Like dinner plan without asking you.  Such partners are taking their partner’s time for granted.

  1. Your Partner Is Unfaithful

The partner who is cheating you is completely taking you for granted. Cheaters are always risking what they have in life. This is a sign that your partner does not respect you or the relationship.

So, it is advice for you that don’t let anyone take advantage of you.  You’re special and important than that. Respect yourself.

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