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So, let me be honest. I want to be rich. Rich so that I never have to worry about not having a roof over my head, rich so that I can continue to feed and care for myself what ever the circumstances. I do not want fast cars and grand houses. I could buy those for my self right now, but I am no longer interested in those things. Likewise designer clothing and flashy watches. I have a couple of superb watches and every season I might buy one new pair of shoes. I even have my own online clothing store, so it would seem a little bizarre to spend money buying clothes from anyone else. I simply want to be able to live relatively well until I die. My definition of well might be different to yours, but probably not in the way you would expect from one of the most successful Madams in Spain. My wants are far simpler than anyone would possibly expect. I want a life of simplicity, quality and understand style. The Japanese have a term “shibumi”. Look it up. That is the lifestyle that I want.

Working with escorts and glamorous women whose profession is based on looking good, sexy and stylish, you would thing that I would feel compelled to keep up, or to make a statement myself. Darling, I am way past that sort of social pressure. The women working with Elegant Escorts Ibiza look wonderful and do exude real sex appeal. But I am not in that end of the business. I rarely, if ever, meet the clients. In fact, these days I rarely if ever even meet the girls.

All of which means that now in the short term I do have grander plans that involve travel and experiences so that I can look back on my years with joy. And indeed to have joy in my day to day life, rather than having to live in retrospect. But I do think it sad that in today’s society, that to simply retain some dignity later in life I have to drive myself to provide a level of wealth simply to keep my human dignity as I get older.

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